Membership cancellations

When choosing your membership option you commit to stay with us for the period shown on the front of your agreement. Sometimes things beyond our control occur and you may need to cancel your membership.

Cancelling is easy once you understand the terms of your membership agreement.

Don't forget, if your membership package is no longer suited to your needs we'll be happy to help you find something that fits into your lifestyle and change the membership over, just ask a member of staff.

Cancellation of direct debit payments during term of membership

If for example you are 4-months into a 6-month agreement, you can cancel your membership if:

  • You become sick or incapacitated

- You must show us a certificate from a qualified medical practitioner stating that you cannot exercise for the remainder of your term

- You will not be charged an exit fee

  • You relocate to an area more than 50 kilometres away from the Margaret River Recreation Centre

- You must show us a letter from your agent or employer

- You will be charged an exit fee

  • We make changes to the contract that adversely affect you

- You will not be charged an exit fee

Alternately you can give 28 days notice during your membership term to ensure your debit doesn't continue past your agreement date.

You pay monthly by direct debit and have completed your minimum membership term

Simply give us 7 days notice to cancel, taken from your next direct debit date.

Purchased a Pay As You Go option

If you chose a 10 or 20 visit card or bought a membership upfront then your Pay As You Go option will end at its expiry or when you use all your visits (whatever occurs first).

How do you cancel?

You do not have to cancel Pay As You Go membership options. Pay As You Go options are not refundable. If you have a medical, relocation or redundancy reason prohibiting you completing your Pay As You Go pack we will assist you with an extension of your expiry date to ensure you can use your visits. We will require documentation to support one of these reasons to action this.

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