Aquatic swimming programs

The Margaret River Aquatic Centre offers a range of programs for all ages:

Swimming Women

Swimming Women welcomes women of all abilities to join in. Programs are run all year round and private sessions can also be organised for complete beginners, serious swimmers or those seeking stroke analysis.

For more information visit the Swimming Women Website or contact Charlotte O'Beirne on 0447 698 822 or by email at charlotte@swimmingwomen.com.au

Private swim schools

There is a private swim school that now operates from the Centre. For further information about private swimming lessons please click on the links below:

Active groups

The Margaret River Aquatic Centre also has active groups that cater for squad swimming, underwater hockey and junior lifeguards. Please see below for more about these programs.

The Breakers
The Breakers are a social group of swimmers that train three days a week – religiously! You are welcome to participate in their early morning sessions from 6.00am – 7.00am each Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Underwater Hockey
The Margaret River Underwater Hockey Club caters for juniors and seniors in this strong aquatic sport of the region. The club has provided both State and National male and female representatives.

Margaret River Swim Squad Club
Margaret River Squad Swim Club is a not for profit swim program affiliated with Swim WA. We offer squad swimming sessions several times a week, for 8 - 18 year olds, to improve technique, strength and stamina for fitness, competition or fun. 

General pool information

Watch Around Water Accreditation

The Margaret River Recreation Centre is an accredited Watch Around Water centre meaning there are policies that must be followed while visiting the centre. These include:

  • Children under 12 years must be accompanied into the centre and constantly supervised by a parent / guardian while at the centre
  • The parent / guardian must have clear view of the child at all times
  • Children under 5 years must be constantly supervised from within arms reach while at the centre. If the child is in the water, the parent / guardian must be in the water too
  • Unsupervised children (of any age) will be removed from the water if the lifeguard is concerned for their safety

Supervision guidelines

The supervision of children in aquatic facilities is not the sole responsibility of the lifeguards.

Lifeguards are employed on a 1:100 ratio based on the expectation that parents will provide direct supervision of children.

Lap lanes

Swim in a safe, stimulating environment and have fun getting fit.  Lap lanes are available throughout the Centre's operational hours. 

To ensure your lap swimming session is an enjoyable one, the following lap lane etiquette guidelines have been developed and will be monitored at the Centre:

  • Select a lane based on your ability and stroke(s) you intend to swim during your visit
  • While swimming, keep to the left of the lane
  • In order to pass a swimmer in front, swim past on the right, above the lane line on the bottom of the pool
  • If you have to move across any lanes, check both directions before moving. When waiting at the end of the pool, move across towards the corners of the lane to allow other swimmers to continue swimming laps
  • Please bring your 'patience' along with your goggles

During peak times (4.30pm - 6.00pm Monday - Friday) especially during the carnival season (February - April) the lap lanes can be crowded at times. Where possible swim during off-peak times and plan your training sessions around the  local events .

The above times are a guide only, and Pool Lifeguards will monitor the lanes according to the abilities of all the swimmers on the day.

Updated lane allocation

Margaret River Recreation Centre is implementing some changes and has altered some internal processes in regards to our lane allocation policy. The changes implemented are in order to assist us to maximise the lanes between the programs and public use.

We are committed to providing a quality experience for program participants, members and patrons. Our intention is to monitor more closely the usage levels of the lanes, particularly during peak periods where both programs are running and lap swimmers are in high numbers. In order to facilitate this Lifeguards and Duty Managers will complete head counts on 15 minute intervals between 6:00am and 7:30am on weekday mornings.

The ability for the Squads or Classes to gain a fourth lane is left to the discretion of the Duty Manager to consider participant numbers in the squad or class session, participation levels in the public swimming lanes as well as participation levels in other programs that may be running concurrently. We have asked that the swimmers, coaches, Duty Manager and Lifeguards communicate and work together to ensure decisions made are aimed at maintaining maximum quality for the maximum amount of aquatic participants overall.

For further enquiries please contact the Recreation Centre.